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Booking Process

Can we check-in before 13:00 ?

Our check IN policy allows to check IN before 13:00 if the cottage you have booked is ready or was vacant the previous night. In case the cottage has been occupied until the check OUT time 10:00 and we have an arrival, we will allocate the new guest in an area where they will be able to change clothes, refresh and leave their luggage in a secure location while we do the necessary on their cottage, cleaning it and preparing it. As soon it will be ready the new guest will take possession of the cottage. Check IN is at 13:00

Can we check OUT after 10:00 ?

Our check OUT policy indicated that must be at 10am. This will allowed us to clean and prepare the cottage for the next arrival.

In case we do not expect an arrival and our guest would like to check OUT later on, we will then charge ½ of the cottage rate that they had paid, and would allow them to stay as far as 8pm.

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Self catering deluxe

Where and how can I do my self-catering shopping ?

Our prices are based on SELF-CATERING-DELUXE basis – means you provide your own food and drinks. Shopping can be made in any of the well supplied supermarkets along Diani beach like CAREFUR, CHANDARANA, NAIVAS or MUTHAIGA MINI-MARKET. Fresh fish and Sea food will be offered daily by local fishermen at your cottage door step, and depending on the caught of the day you will have variety of fish and sea food to choose.

We have included one stopover on our airport arrival transfer – meaning the taxi will take you to the supermarket of your choice and will wait for you to complete your shopping at no extra cost. Alternativly you could check In first and after go to the supermarket together with your chef

We can also organize that your personal chef handles the shopping list for you – but we recommend our clients to do the first shopping themself. If you want, with the help of your assigned chef.

There are plenty of reliable tuk-tuks parked nearby which will take you for shopping at a very low cost, or we can call a taxi to pick you up.

What do I need to buy - what is provided ?

We would suggest you do your shopping of groceries and drinks as you normally do it for your own home. Supermarkets in Diani are very well supplied.Some ingredients and species are provided by your personal chef.

Fish and Seafood will be offered daily at your cottage / villa doorstep.

In your cottage you will find toilet paper, serviettes, candles, Spray Doom, air freshener, hand soaps and all cleaning utensils your room steward /waiter and chef might need.

We provide all the linen which includes bathroom towels and beach/pool towels.

Can we do our own Barbeque ?

We have several portable barbeques that your chef will settle and prepare for you. We provide charcoal and you will be able to enjoy fish and sea food at your own barbeque, from the sea to the grill !

Tropical Garden


Whats included in the price ?

Free Kitchen Chef

Free Room Stwart

Free Bed Linen

Free Towles

Free Cleaning Utensils

Free Toilette Paper

Free Parking

Free Electricity

Free Security

Free Wifi

What do I need to pay extra ?

Extra Money you will mainly need for food and drinks. Our Self Catering Deluxe does not include any food and drinks. We have roughly estimated around USD 20-30 per person per day but that will depend of course on the type of food and drinks you might buy at the supermarket.

You or together with your chef you can purchase at your doorstep all sorts of different Indian Ocean Fish, Calamari and Octopus @ ksh 400 per kg, Prawns (depending on size) @ ksh 1000 -1800 per kg and Lobster (depending on the size) @ ksh 1.500 – 2.000 per kg.

SELF catering Deluxe also includes: toilet paper, serviettes, candles, hand soap, spray for mosquitos, air-freshener, washing liquid and kit of scrubbing pads, gas cylinder, all linen, cutlery and kitchen utensils.

Do the Cottages have Aircondition ?

Due our sea front location, we made all doors and windows out of Mvule African hardwood with fix louvers to facilitate air crossing and enjoy the natural ocean breeze along the year. This is the reason why we do not have A.C in the bedrooms.

There is ceiling fans and mosquito nets in every bedroom, and we can provide standing funs if requested by our guest.



Has the Resort Security ?

Diani Beach is very safe and we have a governmental unit “Tourist Police” that acts and is all time vigilant regarding to the security of our tourist in Diani.

We do also have our own security which is 1 day guard at the entrance gate, plus 2 night guards (at the entrance gate and at the swimming pool area ). They are patrolling at night for you to be very secure in our premises.

To complete our security we have contracted a security company, which provides an emerngy rescue team. All our askaris have an alarm device connected to the secruty company.

Do you have 24/7 Electricity ?

Unfortunately, we are still suffering power cuts in Kenya therefore, we have installed a generator that will supply electricity during the night in case of a power cut. It is manual so, it will take aprox. 5 minutes and your power is back.

Do you have a Taxi Service ?

Diani Beach has a reliable taxi service. We can call a taxi for you from reception. In case of an airport transfer or similar, we will do all arrangements prior to your arrival. There is also tuk-tuks (kind of motorize rickshaw) that can take up to 3 passengers. Noisy but very cheap can take you for shopping or touring around Diani. Boda-boda’s (small engines motorbikes) are also popular and available as they work as taxis.

Can we do a beachwalk ?

We are located in one of the most beautiful beaches around the world ( Diani has been awarded several time as BEST 25 beaches of the world ). Beach walks are amazing and totally secure. We have the unavoidable “beach Boys” along the beach who will try to offer you all sorts of things, from fresh coconuts to safaris.

Galu Beach (south Diani) where Kusini Beach cottages is located, is a more residential area and we never had issues with beach boys.

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Kusini Beach Cottages
PO Box 5519
80401 Diani Beach

Office Phone from 8:00 - 17:00

Kusini Beach Cottages

PO Box 5519
80401 Diani Beach

Office Phone from
8:00 - 17:00


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