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Team Kusini

Team Kusini 2024

We create the Kusini Effect for You

Kusini Beach Cottages has always been a very special place, with an outstanding natural environment – directly on the beach. Since we started our business in December 2005, our aim is always to preserve and protect the amazing nature surrounding us.

The concept is always to make our guests feel home – away from home – we call it the KUSINI EFFECT. Therefore, our team has been encourage to fully understand this concepts in order to optimize their time and work, and to make Kusini Beach Cottages an even better destination.

Our staff has been outstanding, they have always accomplish their duties with high grade, as it can be read in all reviews from different online platforms. Quality of Service, Dedication on any Task, Responsibility, Kindness, Amiability, Honesty and Reliability are just few of the good qualities our team members.

We are so proud of them and we will keep growing with them !!



Josep ‘Pepo’ Miret is the Managing Director at Kusini Beach Cottages and has been welcoming guests to Kusini for over 15 years.

He’s a big fan of FC Barcelona, the club of his hometown.

Pepo has been living and working in East Africa for the last three decades, organising and facilitating safaris.

Since he moved to Diani, he has been running Kusini while also spending time with his family.

Age: 53
Nickname: Pepo
From: Barcelona, Catalunya, Espana


Guest Relation Manager


Victor joined the team in 2022, right after his university graduation.

Started as a trainee and was promoted to guest relations manager within a year.

He is passionate about music as an artist, but his real skills are based on languages, as he speaks English, Swahili, French, and Spanish.

He takes pride and Joy in using his language skills to learn about the culture and have fun with guests in these languages. Excited and ever-smiling at all times

Age: 24
From: Kitegela Machakos
Nick Name: King Vic



Charles has been with the Team Kusini for 10 years and is our most senior chef. He’s a very versatile chef who specialises in seafood and continental cuisine.

Charles loves his small young family and has three daughters who he does everything to support through school and has big dreams for their future.

Charles was taught to make Spanish Paella by Pepo’s own mother in 2016, and practice has made him an expert.

Age: 41
From Kilifi, Kenya
Special Dish: Seafood Paella
Nickname: Muye Muye



Piri has been a senior chef at Kusini for 5 years, and is
highly experienced and often requested. He asks carefully about spice levels before adding the pilipili!

He loves preparing a seafood BBQ including lobster, prawns, calamari, octopus and fish. He’s also an expert in making traditional swahili dishes like Pilau, Biryani, and lots of chapatis. Don’t forget to ask Piri for his specialty, ‘tortilla de patatas’.

Piri loves music, movies and tv series. He supports his local youth football team and helps them get equipment when possible.

Age: 27
From: Kilifi County
Special Dish: Prawn Curry with Coconut Rice
Nickname: PiriPiri (like chilli)



Gift has joined Team kusini recently as a chef. He has four years of experience.

Gift enjoys cooking different styles of dishes. He is specialized in Swahili and continental cuisine and his favorite dish is classis Mexican bajja fish tacos.

During his free time he enjoys music, swimming and he’s a big fan of Liverpool FC.

Age: 25
From: Kilifi
Nickname: Mabandari


Room Steward

Khamisi is an experienced room steward in Team Kusini, making sure that things are in order around the house.

Khamisi is a fan of travel, movies, and series online. A friendly, sociable guy, Khamis enjoys meeting new people and is always happy to help.

When not at work Khamisi is a family man with a nine year old boy who’s at school. Khamisi loves fitness and sports, and also supports the local community by sponsoring some kids with school fees.

Age 34
From: Ukunda Diani, born in Kilifi County, Kenya
Nickname: Hemish


Room Steward

Bakari is a new recruited room steward who is friendly to guests and likes making sure the beds are neatly decorated with flowers.

During his free time he enjoys swimming and watching movies. He is also a fan of wrestling and his favorite wrestler is Roman Reigns.

Bakari helps his mum to pay school fees for his two young brothers

Age: 26
From: Diani
Nickname: Prince Charming


Pool Attendant

Thomas is in charge of the swimming pool and keeps things in order around the pool area.

A cheerful and friendly guy, he’s always happy to provide beach towels for guests, and keeps the turquoise waters of the infinity pool looking crystal clear and enticing.

Thomas enjoys playing football and volleyball, and supports Man City.

Thomas loves jokes and fun and also knows a lot about who to trust on the beach and how to get a good deal on activities.

Age: 39
From: Kilifi, Kenya
Nickname: Tom


Day Askari

William is the daytime Maasai Askari, who mans the front gate, and is usually the first staff member seen by guests at Kusini. William loves his traditional Maasai outfits and can often be seen looking great in his red outfits.

He loves football and supports the Red Devils, Manchester United and his favorite player is CR7. William has three kids and one more on the way. He loves to run, socialise with family and have a good time. William works hard and goes the extra mile (washing cars, running to the kiosk, etc…) to add to his herd of cows in Kajiado.

Age: 28
From: Amboseli
Nickname: Metito Maasai



Johnson is our night-time askari, maintaining security around the area during the evenings and ensuring that guests are secure while on the property.

He patrols the area all night with his canine companions, Lucky and Spotty, who are very friendly and always on guard! Johnson enjoys making friends, conversations about Diani Beach, and making sure everything is OK.

Johnson loves football and supports ‘The Blues’ – Chelsea.

From: West Pokot, Kenya
Nickname: Johnson



Charo has been with Team Kusini for over 20 years and has made sure the place is safe and secure for thousands of our guests and their families. Charo is a kind hearted man who is friendly and reliable, and he can often be seen patrolling near the gate.

His hobbies include running, riding bicycles, and spending time with his family and six kids who are studying hard at school and one of them is an aspiring artist, making awesome portraits. Loves to spot bush-babies at night with his torch, and enjoys chasing away snakes around the area.

Age: 50
From: Kilifi, Kenya
Nickname: Charo



Mambo is one of our gardeners in Team Kusini and has been taking care of the place since the very beginning.

He keeps the place looking neat & tidy, and can often be seen making sure the paths around Kusini are leaf-free & suitable for barefoot walking.

He loves football, supporting Man City, and has been following them for many years. His kids are in secondary school & he loves them dearly and visits occasionally.

Age: 35
From: Diani Beach, Kenya
Nickname: Mambo (means news) in English



Raphael is a gardener here at Team Kusini, making sure the plants are healthy and trimmed neatly. He can often be found sweeping up fallen leaves around the walkways and cottages at Kusini, so guests can enjoy the feeling of the soft white sand between their toes comfortably.

His family still live in KIlifi and he visits them regularly.

Rafa loves comedy and is an aspiring stand-up comedian himself. He’s also a strong swimmer.

Age: 31
From Kilifi
Nickname: Rafa

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Kusini Beach Cottages
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80401 Diani Beach

Office Phone from 8:00 - 17:00

Kusini Beach Cottages

PO Box 5519
80401 Diani Beach

Office Phone from
8:00 - 17:00


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