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Your Personal Chef

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Personal Kitchen Chef & Room Steward

Imagine arriving at your serene Kusini villa, greeted by a personal chef ready to cater to your culinary desires – a service included in your booking! Our skilled chefs, seasoned by Kusini’s standards, transform your chosen ingredients into mouthwatering masterpieces. With them handling meal planning, grocery shopping, and even dishwashing, you can enjoy a hassle-free self catering deluxe vacation.

But that’s not all. At Kusini, we prioritize your comfort by providing a personal steward for each stay. This dedicated individual tailors your villa to your tastes, coordinates your requests with our team and ensures seamless communication. This unique, customized experience is part of the standard Kusini package!

Picture waking up every day to a sparkling clean villa with fresh sheets and a well-arranged living space. At Kusini, we provide a thorough cleaning service beyond the ordinary. From changing sheets every two days to daily general cleaning, our team ensures your villa remains an oasis of cleanliness throughout your stay. And yes, you’ve guessed it – this service is also part of your booking price!


Free Personal Chef

At Kusini, each Villa has a personal kitchen chef at your disposal whenever you need him.

Our guests never have to touch the kitchen even once –  if they choose to.

This includes no washing of dishes and other utensils for our guests.

The Kusini kitchen chefs have years of experience working only with Kusini – the quality is high and consistent.

Our chef can do your shopping and pre-plan meals for guests throughout their stay.

 Kusini Chefs have their own species and basic equipment to ensure guests only need to come with the main essential items they wish to eat.

Overall, it is a complete and dedicated  Kitchen service if the guest wishes.


Free Personal Room Steward

At Kusini, each guest is provided with their own personal steward who takes care of needs like setting up a dining table or arranging the Villa to the needs of each individual guest.

He also ensures that communication between guests, kitchen and management exists.

Some guests describe our room stewards as their personal holiday assistant

All of the above features are Included in your booking price.

Your Service Team

Your Kusini Holiday Amenities

Self Catering DeLuxe at it`s Best

Imagine a vacation at Kusini Beach Cottages, where luxury meets convenience. Our self catering deluxe package is overflowing with complimentary amenities for an enhanced stay.

Experience uninterrupted connection with our free, high-speed Wi-Fi available everywhere, from your room to the lively poolside and bar. Work, play, or stay connected at speeds up to 100Mbps, included in your booking.

We’ve got all necessities covered at Kusini. Enjoy plush pool and bathroom towels, replaced every two days. We provide unlimited essentials like toilet paper, hand soap, and even bathroom air fresheners, ensuring a pleasant atmosphere.

Each villa comes equipped with candles for romantic dinners or emergencies, and we provide serviettes for your meals.
We offer secure, private parking for your vehicle and include all electricity costs in your booking. Our 24/7 standby generator ensures seamless comfort with minimal downtime.


Free High Speed Internet Service

Free internet service (WiFi) is available 24/7.

WiFi locations are Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Pool area and bar area.

The internet speed varies between 50 to 100Mpbs.



At Kusini, free towels for the Poolside and bathrooms are freely available and are replaced or washed every two days.


Toilet Paper

At Kusini, Each bathroom has its own unlimited toilet paper supply ensuring guests do not have to bring their own nor worry about running out.



At Kusini, Each bathroom has its own Air Freshener to ensure guests do not have to carry or bring their own.


Hand Soap

Each bathroom has free unlimited hand soap, ensuring guests don’t have to bring their own and never run out.



At Kusini, Each Villa has enough candles to ensure light is available in the worst-case scenarios or even for a romantic candlelight dinner.



At Kusini, Each Villa or Kitchen is equipped with serviettes since it is commonly forgotten when planning or laying out dinner tables.



At Kusini, every car has its own private parking throughout the guest stay, which is safe and secure.



At Kusini, Electricity is included in the price. No guest ever has to worry about electricity bills or topping up tokens.


Backup Generator

At Kusini, there is a fully functional generator that is on standby 24/7, ensuring downtime is little to none. The Kusini team operates this generator.


Free Cleaning Service

At Kusini, cleaning of all sheets, towels, bed covers, and general cleaning of villas and bedrooms.

The Room and Villa are cleaned every day.

New sheets and covers are changed every two days.

All of the above features are included in the Booking price.


Free Drinking Water

At Kusini, we provide you on arrival a free 5 Liter Drinking Water.


Free Fisherman Service

At Kusini, we provide a complimentary fisherman service every day. Our fisherman will come right to your doorstep, allowing you to select your preferred fish

Enjoy Family Holidays

Experience 100% Holiday Resort Felling

We are not an AirBnB Hostel

From the moment you contemplate a stay at Kusini Beach Cottages, our mission is to provide an unrivaled, personalized experience that speaks volumes about our hospitality.
Before you’ve even set foot on our sandy shores, we’re proactively communicating with you, smoothing out the logistics of late arrivals and dinner arrangements.

Once you’re here, we don’t just hand you a key; we immerse you in the Kusini effect with a warm, personal welcome. We walk you through our beautiful property, answer all your queries, and ensure your seamless check-in. But it doesn’t end there! We’re committed to making you feel at home and building a relationship that starts before you arrive and continues throughout your stay.

The essence of Self Catering Deluxe lies in its dedication to the guest experience. That’s why our management team is on hand 24/7, ensuring every guest need is catered to, every question answered, and every doubt dispelled.


Our Personal Welcoming

At Kusini, guests are welcomed and shown around the property and Villa personally and given a warm welcome. This includes explaining to guests how Kusini operates and answering any questions. Making sure all guests are comfortable and have checked in. Feel-at-home factor.

Our Guest relationship starts before even the guest arrives at Kusini. For example, Communicating with late arrivals about Dinner or Transport, etc.


Kusini trained Staff And Liability

Every member of staff at Kusini Beach Cottages is trained and experienced in their field of expertise.

The standards are provided and set by Kusini management meaning that they are of high standards and closely supervised to ensure quality.

 Kusini directly handles things like theft, emergencies, damages, or any other issues that may occur during guest stays.


Management & Team Response

At Kusini, our Management is available 24/7 to ensure every guest feels at home and is never left in doubt or confusion. Things like transport, safaris, restaurant tips, and tricks can be obtained by our management.

At late hours things like emergencies or being locked out of their Villa, our Kusini Team is available and at your service.

The Kusini Self Catering Deluxe  Team is there for you all the time.

Nanny Service

Extra Services Available

We know what Holiday is all About

At Kusini Beach Cottages, we offer more than just a stay. We extend a selection of premium services to ensure an exceptional and carefree holiday for all our guests.

Forget about laundry on vacation! Our personal laundry service ensures your clothes return spotless. We uphold transparency by discussing costs with guests beforehand.

Have kids? Use our unique Nanny Service, uncommon in self-catering locations. We connect you with professional, trusted nannies, ensuring your little ones’ safety.

Looking to move around Diani Beach? Our transportation service, in collaboration with top local providers, covers your travel needs throughout your stay.


Personal Laundry Available

Kusini provides a laundry service for personal clothing, which is a paid service. However, the total will be discussed with the guest and the laundry personnel. We can ensure all of our guests that our cleaning standards are high and consistent.


Nanny Service Available

Kusini provides a unique service called Nanny Service which allows guests to hire a professional and trusted nanny recommended by Kusini to take care of kids.

Nanny service is not a feature available in almost any self-catering location. If an external Nanny is hired, the trust and safety are not as high as with Kusini Nanny due to long-term relationships and trust built over many years.


Transport Available

Kusini provides full transportation options throughout guests’ stay. Kusini Transport options have extensive reach and have partnered with the best of the best in Diani Beach.


Shopping Service Available

The Kusini Self Catering Deluxe Package offers you the possibility to get your shopping done by our Team. If you wish you can discuss the shopping list with your personal kitchen chef and he will go himself doing the shopping for you.

Alternatively you can do the shopping together with our team. They guide you and help you to find the best shopping spots in Diani Beach.

Just Holidays

Your Questions - Our Answers

More about Self Catering Deluxe

Our new, amazing concept of Self Catering Deluxe has already served many guests perfectly. We have put together the most relevant questions you might have about Self Catering Deluxe Holidays at Kusini Beach Cottages.

Our Self Catering Deluxe package is designed to offer you a home away from home with a touch of luxury. When you book this package, you get a personal kitchen chef and a room steward at your service throughout your stay. Your chef will not only cook meals for you but also help you plan the meals and do the grocery shopping, turning your chosen ingredients into delicious dishes. The room steward will ensure your villa is tailored to your taste, coordinating your requests with our team for seamless communication. This means waking up every day to a clean villa with fresh sheets and a well-arranged living space, offering you a hassle-free vacation where every detail is taken care of.

Yes, we understand the importance of staying connected, whether you are on a leisure trip or a work-cation. We offer complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi service, available 24/7 in all areas including your room, the poolside, and the bar area. The internet speed varies between 50 to 100 Mbps, ensuring smooth video calls, streaming services, and whatever else you may need the internet for. This service is included in your booking, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted connectivity throughout your stay.

Absolutely, we prioritize your comfort and convenience, offering well-equipped bathrooms in each villa. You will find plush towels that are replaced every two days, ensuring a fresh experience with each use. We also provide unlimited supplies of toilet paper and hand soap, so you never have to worry about running out of essential items. Additionally, each bathroom is equipped with an air freshener to maintain a pleasant and fresh atmosphere at all times, enhancing your overall experience at Kusini Beach Cottages.

At Kusini, we have ensured that your comfort is uninterrupted with a 24/7 standby generator. This means that in the rare event of a power outage, our generator automatically takes over, ensuring a continuous power supply and maintaining all the amenities active. This is part of our commitment to offer you a stay where comfort meets convenience, without having to worry about interruptions in your power supply, guaranteeing a seamless and enjoyable stay.

Certainly, cleanliness and hygiene are our top priorities. Our dedicated team ensures that your villa remains sparkling clean throughout your stay. We offer daily general cleaning services, which include tidying up your living space and ensuring fresh and clean sheets every two days. This meticulous attention to detail extends to providing fresh and plush pool and bathroom towels, replaced every two days to maintain a high standard of hygiene and comfort, all included in your booking price, promising you a stay in an oasis of cleanliness.

Absolutely, we offer a unique nanny service to families with young children. This service connects you with professional and trusted nannies who ensure the safety and well-being of your little ones. This service is quite uncommon in self-catering locations, showcasing our commitment to providing a carefree holiday for all our guests. Our nannies come recommended by Kusini, ensuring a high level of trust and safety built over many years of collaboration, allowing you to enjoy your vacation with peace of mind.

Yes, we offer a personal laundry service to take the hassle out of your vacation. This service is available at an additional cost, which will be discussed transparently with you beforehand. Our laundry personnel adhere to high and consistent cleaning standards, ensuring that your clothes return spotless and well-taken care of, allowing you more time to enjoy your holiday without worrying about laundry.

Yes, to facilitate easy movement around Diani Beach, we offer full transportation options throughout your stay. We have partnered with the best service providers in Diani Beach to cover all your travel needs, whether it is airport transfers, trips to local attractions, or anywhere else you’d like to go. Our team can assist you in arranging safe and reliable transportation, ensuring a smooth and convenient travel experience during your stay.

Absolutely, we offer a shopping service as part of our Self Catering Deluxe package. You can discuss your shopping list with your personal kitchen chef, who can either accompany you to find the best shopping spots in Diani Beach or do the shopping on your behalf. This service is designed to offer you a hassle-free holiday, where our team assists you in procuring the best ingredients for your meals, based on your preferences.

At Kusini, we prioritize the safety and security of our guests. Every member of our staff is trained and experienced in their field of expertise, adhering to high standards set and supervised by the Kusini management. We have measures in place to handle emergencies, thefts, or any other issues promptly, ensuring a safe and secure environment during your stay. Our proactive approach ensures that any potential issues are addressed swiftly, offering you peace of mind throughout your stay.

 Our cottages are on the beachfront.

Yes, we have several shopping centers in Diani Beach; Carrefour supermarket, Chandarana supermarket are in Diani (5-7 kms from Kusini) and Naivas supermarket in Ukunda (10 kms from Kusini). 

Starting from 8.00am but the client can opt to have breakfast later.

Our infinity swimming pool has a section for kids, and as well the kids can play on our indoor beach making sand castles and ball games. To help parents to relax also available our nanny service. Snorkelling is also recommended at Wasini Kisite Mpunguti Marine Reserve. You can as well visit Bora Bora wildlife conservancy and take a walk on the Kaya forest, Scuba diving and Kite surfing lessons also available at 80 m from Kusini.

Yes, we provide beach towels/pool towels and bathroom towels.

We can only help organizing for reliable transfers but the client pays directly to the taxi after drop off.

Our check-in time is 1.00pm and the check out time is 10.00am.


Yes, we have strong and reliable internet access around all the cottages, and around the swimming pool as well.

Our swimming pool is only used by the in-residents, we do not allow swimmers who are not staying wit us. The swimming-pool is shared by all our guest.

We have a laundry-lady who does it manually and the cost depends on the number of clothes. We do not have an specific list of laundry items price instead client tips our laundry-lady after receiving their clean clothes.

There are several restaurants close by at a beach walking distance, like Le Caffe (@ Lantana Galu-Beach), Le Pallet (200 m south of Kusini) and the nearly open BOXO restaurant (100 m north Kusini).

The Cave (@ Alibarbours), The Sails (@ Almarara), Salty Squid Bar and Restaurant (@Kenaways), etc.

We do not have a hair-dryer but we have several beauty companies that can come on-site to offer manicure and pedicure, massage and other related services.

Yes we have portable barbecues that can be set in front of your cottage/villa. We also provide charcoal.

No pets allowed.

For you to be able to hold a party, you have to rent the whole place so you can have it just for your group, so that we do not have guests complaining about the noise. Feel free to contact us for special rates.

1 bedroom – 2-3 people, 2 bedroom – 4-5 people, 3 bedroom – 6-7 people and 4 bedroom – 8-9 people.

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Kusini Beach Cottages
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Kusini Beach Cottages

PO Box 5519
80401 Diani Beach

Office Phone from
8:00 - 17:00


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