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Coastal Calm

Family-Work Balance Reinvented!

Beach Office

The Dream Escape for Business Owners

Discover the Perfect Blend of Productivity and Family!

With the growing speed of life, it has become consistently harder to fulfil certain dreams on our bucket lists. For many Families and Business Owners, that dream is to be able to give them selfs a rewarding holiday that does not interfere with their day-to-day hustle that puts food on their table.

At Kusini, we have always focused on putting family first, which will always remain the same; however, we realize that finding the right balance between running your business and keeping the family together might seem easier said than done. Yet! It is possible and doable with the right planning and discovering your options available.

“We would love to show a new style of work and balance that will enable you to escape the City Chaos”

Leave the Office Behind:
Your New Beachfront Workspace Awaits!

The office can quickly become a repetitive and uninspiring environment. Day after day, we find ourselves confined within the same four walls, dampening our creativity and motivation. But what if you could exchange Imagine trading the traditional office for a beach oasis by our spotless Indian Ocean. Feeling the stress of deadlines and meetings melt away as you step onto our soft sand, with the sun as your companion and the sound of crashing waves as your soundtrack. Sounds Amazing right? It turns out that many Business owners can trade the office walls for a beach holiday and successfully run their business from within Kusini Beach Cottages.

“How you may ask?”

The answer is quite simple, considering that most of today’s work is done via emails, phone calls, or even online video conferences. It doesn’t necessarily mean you must be at the office physically. If you can answer phone calls at your office, you can answer them at pearl white beaches. The only difference is that while at the beach, you will answer that call with a big smile and clear thoughts as you gaze into the deep blue ocean.

Work & Relax

Always Connected:
Enjoy 100MBs of High-Speed Internet in Your Beach Paradise!

Enjoy 100MBs of High-Speed Internet in Your Beach Paradise!

As mentioned above, the key is to stay connected 24/7 to ensure that no email or video call is unheard or not received at any time.

We at Kusini have 100MBs of internet all around the compound, stretching from your rooms all the way down to our infinity pool. With that being said, we all know about power cuts across our nation, and you will be very pleased to know that we also have a brand new generator that instantly kicks in whenever the power goes ensuring that we have an uptime of internet and power of 99.9% of the time.

Achieve More, Stress Less:
Your Perfect Family-Work-Life Harmony Solution!

Now that we have covered the nitty gritty aspects of how and where you will stay connected, we want to open your eyes to what it does mean for you and your family to escape the City Chaos here at Kusini.

Obviously, you are an achiever, but there are always some important decisions to make or plan for the future. Sometimes, these choices have to be made with a clear conscience and not under any external stress that might be clouding your judgment. That’s why leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle, taking time off stress, and replacing it with peace and tranquillity might just be your calling.

While all that has fallen into place, we look at the factor of the family being in the picture. “A happy family is a little slice of heaven on earth, where laughter echoes and hearts are connected.” And what better way to celebrate family and the harmony of life than having your family at the best beach in Africa while being able to work from that same location?
In other words, The greatest motivation to work hard is the well-being and happiness of your family and your own.

Why not combine that with a holiday and create a fresh balance in your life?

Family Love

Bring the Adventure to Work:
Enrich Your Spirit and Boost Creativity!

Step into a realm where adventure and work seamlessly intertwine, creating an environment that nurtures your spirit and fuels your creative fire.

We all need time to refresh our minds and hit that reset button, Right? But let us be honest. It isn’t easy to do so from your home location. At Kusini, we have a variety of activities that will refresh your creativity once you are burned out from work and need that little spark to ignite the working spirit. We are centered around multiple water sports centers, gyms, boat tours, and safari locations both on land and water. The right remedy for you to recuperate and enjoy life as it is with your family. ESCAPE THE CITY CHAOS

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Kusini Beach Cottages
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Kusini Beach Cottages

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8:00 - 17:00


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