School Holidays
April 2024

Our Guide to Family Fun and Relaxation

Welcoming the School Holidays

April 2024

Easter Holidays are coming to an end soon. However, it is also the start of well-deserved school holidays for your kids and family. 

Although the year has only just begun, it’s important to remember that every fulfilling journey requires brief pauses to recharge, celebrate life, and cherish quality time with family, ensuring harmony and balance among loved ones.

And where better to recharge than on Diani Beach? To be more specific, Our Galu Beach stands out as the most iconic and breathtakingly beautiful spot in Diani Beach.

For those who did not know, Diani Beach ranks among the world’s most stunning beaches. Yet, Galu Beach shines as the crown jewel within its many unique stretches. Located right at Kusini Cottages, it presents the perfect setting for family walks, teaching your little one to swim, or constructing an elaborate sandcastle. One thing is for sure: Galu Beach is the place to be when coming to Diani Beach.

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Enjoying Off-Peak Advantages

In addition to enjoying one of the world’s premier beaches, it’s noteworthy to mention the significant price advantage during the school holidays.

The period after the Easter holidays marks the start of the low season, which means bookings at Kusini Beach could see reductions of up to 30% thanks to off-peak pricing.

This makes for an incredibly fair deal for an amazing holiday experience that you and your family deserve.

Welcome to Family Fun

Your Holiday Activities are waiting for you

At Kusini, we take immense pride in presenting a variety of activities that cater to everyone, regardless of age, and are all conveniently available through us.

During the School holidays, our Beach becomes a haven for kids and families of all ages. Picture a day filled with a spectrum of activities, each promising a bundle of fun and smiles for every family member. From the exhilarating rush of water sports to the serene joy of beachside relaxation, we’ve crafted experiences that cater to every taste and age.

For parents looking to ensure a memorable family school holidays, imagine the delight of splashing in our infinity pool, designed with families in mind. It offers stunning beach views and includes a kid-friendly splash zone, making it the ultimate spot for relaxation and fun in the sun.

The adventure extends beyond the pool. Start your day with a peaceful morning walk along the shore, where the sunrise and gentle waves create a peaceful ambiance, or enjoy a lively sunset jog. It’s a beautiful opportunity for the family to appreciate the pristine beauty of Kusini Beach together.

If your family enjoys a friendly competition, our beachside football and volleyball setups offer a fun way to bond and stay active. For teenagers seeking excitement, kite surfing can provide an exhilarating experience, allowing them to soar over the waves in an adrenaline-fueled adventure.

Immerse your family in the magic of the underwater world with our diving and snorkeling activities. Discover the colorful marine life and coral reefs for a truly enchanting adventure. Or, for those craving speed, take a boat tour or jet ski ride, injecting a thrilling burst of energy into your holiday.

For families eager to venture beyond the confines of Kusini for some mini-adventures, we’ve curated a list of special excursions that come highly recommended. Take, for instance, the Pilli Pipa Dhow Tours, located about an hour’s drive from Kusini. Here, you’ll set sail on a day-long Dhow cruise, embarking on a quest to spot dolphins and whales. It’s the perfect expedition for the adventurous family keen on discovering Kenya’s vibrant marine life.

While Diani might not be famous for its wildebeests, we’re fortunate to have a zoo nearby called Bora Bora Wildlife Park, home to several giraffes and zebras, offering a delightful option for a day trip.This unique experience allows you and your family to get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures, feeding them by hand. It’s an excellent opportunity for parents to teach their children conservation and sustainability.

Honorable mention goes to the Kongo River, where freshwater meets the ocean, a spectacle of nature’s grandeur. It’s a place for families to sit back, relax, and appreciate the simple joys of life. The sunsets here, with their riot of colors, are a reminder of nature’s timeless beauty at April School Holidays.

Transform Your Holiday

With Our Self-Catering Deluxe

Transform your holidays into an unforgettable experience at Kusini Beach Cottages with our Self-Catering Deluxe service, specially tailored for families seeking both comfort and ease.

Picture your School Holidays where the luxury of a personal chef becomes your reality. Not only will they prepare delicious meals suited to your family’s tastes, but they’ll also handle all the grocery shopping, allowing you to immerse yourself in full relaxation.

Enjoy a spotlessly clean living space, thanks to your dedicated room steward, who takes on household duties so you can focus solely on making memories.

Our Self-Catering Deluxe package is designed to cater to your every need, providing essentials such as towels, toilet paper, air fresheners, hand soap, candles for a cozy ambiance or emergency use, serviettes, and secure parking. We’ve also thought of everything in terms of utilities, including a backup generator to ensure uninterrupted comfort and convenience.

This thoughtful and comprehensive service ensures a carefree stay, allowing you and your family to enjoy the Easter holidays to the fullest, making Kusini Beach Cottages your perfect home away from home.

Relax at Our Haven

We've Got All Your Desires Covered

Dive into an extraordinary getaway at Kusini Beach Cottages, where relaxation meets adventure, luxury blends with great value, and every moment is set against the backdrop of the perfect family school holidays.

Let Kusini become your seaside sanctuary, where every little detail is refined and crafted for a stress-free and unforgettable school holidays. Make memories that last a lifetime, and let the magic of Kusini turn your beachfront stay into an extraordinary celebration of family and joy!

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