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Breaking it Down:Why is our Self-Catering Deluxe the Best for You?

Have you wondered what Self-Catering Deluxe means? And what the core differences are compared to just a standard Self-Catering accommodation?

“Well, allow us to explain the beauty of the Deluxe experience at Kusini Beach Cottages and compare them to how much better the Kusini Deluxe effect is rather than booking a standard Self-Catering place.”


Our Personal Welcoming

  • At Kusini, guests are welcomed and shown around the property and Villa personally and given a warm welcome. This includes explaining to guests how Kusini operates and answering any questions. Making sure all guests are comfortable and have checked in. Feel-at-home factor.

  • Our Guest relationship starts before even the guest arrives at Kusini. For example, Communicating with late arrivals about Dinner or Transport, etc.


Kusini trained Staff And Liability

  • Every member of staff at Kusini Beach Cottages is trained and experienced in their field of expertise.

  • The standards are provided and set by Kusini management meaning that they are of high standards and closely supervised to ensure quality.

  • ┬áKusini directly handles things like theft, emergencies, damages, or any other issues that may occur during guest stays.


Management & Team Response

    • At Kusini, our Management is available 24/7 to ensure every guest feels at home and is never left in doubt or confusion. Things like transport, safaris, restaurant tips, and tricks can be obtained by our management.

    • At late hours things like emergencies or being locked out of their Villa, our Kusini Team is available and at your service.

    • The Kusini Beach Cottages Team is there for you all the time.

Chef DeLuxe


Free Personal Chef

    • At Kusini, Each Villa Comes with a personal chef at your disposal whenever you need them.

    • Our guest never has to touch the kitchen even once if they choose to.

    • This includes no washing of dishes and other utensils for our guests.

    • The Kusini chefs have years of experience working only with Kusini, meaning the quality is high and consistent.

    • Our chef can do the shopping and pre-plan meals for guests throughout their stay.

    • ┬áKusini Chefs have their own species and basic equipment to ensure guests only need to come with the main essential items they wish to eat.

    • All of the above features are Included in your booking price.

    • Overall it is a full Kitchen service if the guest wishes.


Free Personal Steward

    • At Kusini, each guest is provided with their own personal steward that takes care of needs like setting up a dining table or arranging the Villa to the needs of each individual guest.

    • He also ensures that communication between guests and kitchen and management exists.

    • All of the above features are Included in your booking price.


Free Cleaning Service

    • At Kusini, cleaning of all sheets, towels, bed covers, and general cleaning of villas and bedrooms.

    • The Room and Villa are cleaned every day.

    • New sheets and covers are changed every two days.

    • All of the above features are included in the Booking price.


Free High Speed Internet Service

    • At Kusini, free internet service (WiFi) is available 24/7.

    • Kusini WiFi locations are Bedrooms, Living Rooms, a Pool area, and a bar area.

    • The internet speed varies between 50 to 100Mpbs.

    • All of the above features are included in the Booking price.

Catering DeLuxe



At Kusini, free towels for the Poolside and bathrooms are freely available and are replaced or washed every two days.


Toilet Paper

At Kusini, Each bathroom has its own unlimited toilet paper supply ensuring guests do not have to bring their own nor worry about running out.



At Kusini, Each bathroom has its own Air Freshener to ensure guests do not have to carry or bring their own.


Hand Soap

Each bathroom has free unlimited hand soap, ensuring guests don’t have to bring their own and never run out.



At Kusini, Each Villa has enough candles to ensure light is available in the worst-case scenarios or even for a romantic candlelight dinner.



At Kusini, Each Villa or Kitchen is equipped with serviettes since it is commonly forgotten when planning or laying out dinner tables.



At Kusini, every car has its own private parking throughout the guest stay, which is safe and secure.



At Kusini, Electricity is included in the price. No guest ever has to worry about electricity bills or topping up tokens.


Backup Generator

At Kusini, there is a fully functional generator that is on standby 24/7, ensuring downtime is little to none. The Kusini team operates this generator.

Nanny Service

Family Services Availible

We know what you Need


Personal Laundry Available

Kusini provides a laundry service for personal clothing, which is a paid service. However, the total will be discussed with the guest and the laundry personnel. We can ensure all of our guests that our cleaning standards are high and consistent.


Nanny Service Available

Kusini provides a unique service called Nanny Service which allows guests to hire a professional and trusted nanny recommended by Kusini to take care of kids.

Nanny service is not a feature available in almost any self-catering location. If an external Nanny is hired, the trust and safety are not as high as with Kusini Nanny due to long-term relationships and trust built over many years.


Transport Available

Kusini provides full transportation options throughout guests’ stay. Kusini Transport options have extensive reach and have partnered with the best of the best in Diani Beach.

Paradise DeLuxe

Self Catering DeLuxe
The Ultimate Choice

Embrace the Unparalleled Bliss of Self-Catering Deluxe

Imagine a 5-star hotel exclusively dedicated to you, where every aspect of your stay revolves around your desires.

Welcome to the world of self-catering deluxe, where you are the king or queen of your vacation.
Say goodbye to the exhausting aspects of traditional self-catering, as our Deluxe offer ensures a tranquil and rejuvenating holiday experience like no other.With our Self-Catering Deluxe, you have the power to customize your entire stay according to your preferences. From personalized schedules that cater to your unique rhythm to indulging in meals of your choice prepared in your own private kitchen, every moment is designed to align with your desires. Your wish truly is our command.

Choose self-catering deluxe as the way forward, and let us transform your holiday into a remarkable journey fit for royalty.

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Kusini Beach Cottages
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Kusini Beach Cottages

PO Box 5519
80401 Diani Beach

Office Phone from
8:00 - 17:00


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